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1920s Sirrah Pictures

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This bike has been found by Gonzalo, from Asturias, in Spain. He has found it in a straw loft.

It is a JAP engined Sirrah. It is a single cylinder, side valve engine and is marked F/E 65D on the crankcase. It’s documentation suggests it was registered in 1924 which corresponds with the date of the numbers on the crankcase, which ties the JAP to 1922. Its number plate, however is from 1930.

These motorcycles were made in Birmingham between 1922 and 1925 by Alfred Wiseman, Ltd, who also made the VERUS (1919-1925) and the WEAVER (1922-1925). Sirrah’s were offered in six different models with engines from four different manufacturers.

Gonzalo and I have tried to find out more on this make, but cannot find much information. If anyone can add anything at all, please email me, and help make Gonzalo a happy man!

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  • Decade: 1920s
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3 Responses to “1920s Sirrah”

  1. hi ,

    i have a fair bit of info on these bikes and the manufacturer , my uncle was the cheif designer and
    gave his name to the weaver ,

    please feel free to contact me


    • Hi Rich,
      if you have any pictures, they would be most welcome in the gallery?

      • Nigel,
        i will sort some out,

        do you know if that sirrah or any others are for sale? ive been looking online for sometime now but obviously arnt the most common of bike


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