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1912 Adler Pictures

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Many thanks to Bernie Stevens for the this picture.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1912
  • Decade: 1910s
  • Machine Type:

4 Responses to “1912 Adler”

  1. Allen Griffiths on August 7, 2011 @ 1:04 pm

    I have parts of a 1906 Adler bike like this in Australia but they were called Electra over here, I believe your bike to be about 1906 not 1912 as stated, would you be able to contact me to discuss your bike further please?

    Best regards, Allen.

  2. What a beautiful bike! My father’s restored Adler Electra looked identical to this down to the black fuel tank with red strip except it had “Electra” in a very similar script not Adler. It was a 1908 model and looks very similar to this. I wish he was still alive to see this photo as he would have appreciated it, we never saw another bike like ours. “Electra” bicycles were also sold here in Australia, probably also renamed Adlers. If I remember rightly the book “Bicycle and the Bush” has a photo of an “Electra” showroom of that period in Adelaide.

  3. Hi, not sure if Ive contacted you before but I found an circa 1890′s Adler Electra bicycle here in Adelaide, the same kind of bicycle used by Jerome Murif who rode one from Adelaide to Darwin in the 1890′s.

  4. Hi, I am the same David as before (Nov 2011), checking back to see if the photo is still here and if any more correspondence. Australia certainly seems to be a wellspring of Adlers! Perhaps here in South Australia with the sizable German community? I still have my fathers Adler motorcycle (restored during the 1960′s) and also an Adler bicycle he restored in later years (’80′s I think), a very nice unit which has a beautiful “badge” embossed on the headstem (neither are for sale, obviously, due to the family connections). I am guessing that anyone wanting replies to the comments on this page may need to use the “reply” links? David

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