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Vincent Black Shadow Pictures

Vincent Black Shadow

The Vincent Black Shadow was introduced in 1948. It was a hand-built, post war beauty. The Vincent Company built this bike as an answer to a sportier ride than their previous model, the Rapide. A few changes were made to modify the motorcycle and with enlarged ports, bigger carburetors, and increased compression, the Black Shadow was born.

The Black Shadow was different than most bikes of the time in that it was a "stressed frame" design. Rather than being cradled in the frame, the engine was suspended. This was a very special bike because it was inspired by the veterans of WWII.

The design was intended to be functional and friendly to injured veterans and maintenance was a cinch. The Black Shadow was unique in functionality and design.

The whole bike, even the engine, was painted with black enamel and only 1700 were ever released.

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