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Victoria Swing Pictures

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Many thanks to Bernie Stevens for this picture of a Victoria Swing boasting an electric gearchange.  The four buttons are just visible on the handlebars

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  • Decade: 1960s
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One Response to “Victoria Swing”

  1. My sister had a boyfriend in the 60s who had a Victoria Swing motorcycle as in the pic above. It had four pushbuttons on the left handlebar with the clutch. It was a Very smart bike for its time. I think it had a shaft drive on the RH side. I remember just a few details about this bike, but I remember that if the battery was flat, it was for some reason not possible to start by jump starting as the electric gears would not engage. I also remember him and my dad on that bike and another friend with a BSA going on a tour through South Africa. The bikes never missed a beat during the 4,000 mile tour. Indeed these pics bring back some happy memories. I was about 15 years old then, 70 now.

    Thanks a lot.

    South Africa.
    +27 83 538 0447

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