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Norvin “Spirit of the Sixties 3″ Pictures

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An absolutely stunning Norvin named “Spirit of the Sixties 3 ” submitted by Garry Laurence.

“The bike is based around a modified manx frame and swinging arm. The brakes are TZ Yamaha with new laser cut mesh and frames to both.The rear hub is machined and modified to drive the speedo. The front brake plates as well as engine plates, front mudguard brackets, head steady etc,etc are designed and made by myself. The engine is completely new built around John Whytes cases. The engine has a new crank, omega pistons Mk two cams and has been built and blue printed to shadow specification by Garry Godden in Kent assisted by Colin Jenner of Conways. The ignition system is a BTH twin spark electronic unit and lighting is a batteryless system using an Alton alternator. The engine currently runs new 30mm concentrics whilst I sort out the Bing carburettor jetting and slides. Exhausts are Lightning pipes with small baffles to dampen the noise (but not by much). Tanks, seat and chain guard are designed by myself and built locally. I made a pattern for the Swan neck clip ons and Simon at Barleycorn engineering made them in stainless steel. Simon also supplied the rear sets which I mated to late Triumph foot rest hangers again extensively modified. These I attached to the frame using steel bobbins bronze welded to the frame.Rear shocks are Konis and the front suspension and forks are new short Manx style roadholders.The bike starts and handles extremely well. Comments on the bike and build quality range from “Its automotive pornography to ” I am speechless” and everything in between. Now thinking about what to build next??”

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One Response to “Norvin “Spirit of the Sixties 3″”

  1. Charles Fox on October 1, 2011 @ 3:13 pm

    If Mr. Laurence ever visits . . . Garry, would you possibly have any photos or drawings or sketches of your build?

    The reason I ask: I want to create something very similar, but in 1/9 scale, and maybe also in 1/12.

    Yes, I’m slightly bonkers, but when you make your way to age 71, you have to find something to keep you company into your dotage.

    Am struggling right now to get enough info on the Vincent V-twin to draw up the seven views (so far) in scale.

    I spotted you and your bike in an old Cafe Racer mag (Fall 2008) and fell in lust.

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