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Honda CB750A Hondamatic Pictures

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One of HONDA’S most radical departures from the orthodox motorcycle design, the HONDAMATIC was produced in 400, 450 and 750 cc capacities.
This is the most prevalent model, the CB750A. Introduced in 1976, the CB750A continued in production until 1978. Several of the body components are common with the GL 1000 GOLD WING.

AIl 750 models have a HONDA 750 single overhead cam engine, with an automatic type torque converter in place of the conventional wet multiplate clutch. There is no clutch lever and the torque converter is similar to that fitted to a HONDA CIVIC of that period. Though described as an automatic, this is not strictly true. There are two gears, Low and Drive. The transmission must be manually placed in either drive using the gearshift lever on the left side of the engine. If Low gear has been selected, the transmission must be changed to Drive when the required revs are reached, again using the gearshift lever. Low gear produces speeds up to 100 kph and Drive gives a top speed in excess of 160 kph.

The machines are equipped with a parking brake operated by the small button at the left-hand side of the seat. This feature is to enable the rider to park the machine on the side stand on an incline. The machine cannot be “bump started” or towed, emergency starting is carried out by way of a kickstart lever stored under the seat. This lever is slotted onto a shaft just ahead of the gear lever on the left side. A rubber cap protects this shaft when not in use.

The carburetors are four 28mm Keihins(slide type) with internal operating links, and feature an anti-stall dashpot to prevent the engine stalling when the machine is placed in gear.

The Hondamatic was much maligned by the “purist biker” but is actually a fast, smooth machine, with a comfortable riding position that makes it an excellent touring unit.

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One Response to “Honda CB750A Hondamatic”

  1. fernando sanchez on January 4, 2013 @ 1:14 am

    HOLA, vivo en CHILE, america del sur.
    Tengo una HONDA CB 750 A 1976.
    Muy buena moto.

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