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1940s BSA M20 and M21 Pictures

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A fine wiltshire based trio of side-valve BSA’s captured at the 2004 Cricklade Classic Rally..

The naval bike at the rear is a 1944 500cc M20 delivered to Royal Naval Stores at Staines, Middlesex in April 1944 and still carried its Ministry of Supply plate inside the toolbox. It is powered by a 500cc side valve single, giving it a top speed of about 60mph. It is equipped with many special items such as a “field stand” to allow t to be parked on rough ground. the rear light can be turned on separately for use in convoys. It also carried standard issue panniers and racks.

The girder forked chrome machine at the front of both pictures is another M20. It was dispatched from the factory to B.G England of Dunstable, Beds. on the 26th February 1947. It was originally fitted with a double adult sidecar, whcih is in the process of being added. The frame of this bike is unusual because it has sidecar mounting lugs. These were only made for one year after the war, and shows that this is a true civilian machine and not war surplus.

The silver machine at the bottom is a 600cc 1952 BSA M21. It has black painted rims and a silver painted tank instead of the normal chrome items. It has a top speed of 60mph and will return 50mpg if ridden with care.

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