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1965 BSA FT Pastoral Pictures

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Thanks to Gerry Horn of Oz for this picture of his bike. It is a rare BSA C15 FT. It has taken him seven years of searching to find some of the missing parts needed to complete the bike – and it’s almost there. Gerry believes this one was brought to Australia for farm use but he’s not sure if this is true or not.

This model was, I believe, supplied here in Australia to the “cockies” (farmers) as a kind of ag bike. It is very similar to the Trials model but with a few changes. As such it needed the heavier forks which I think were standard on B31 and many other BSA bigger bikes. The full width front hub was also changed to the 7″ braked spool hub as per the bigger bikes with the left hand threaded wheel spindle not the fork caps. The front guards were changed from the heavily valanced type to the more sporty “D” section ones with the “U” type stays which bolted up underneath. It is also fitted with a valve lifter. The headlight was not enclosed in the steel moulding and gaters were fitted to the forks also. The ignition is batteryless ET (electronic Transfer) again as per the Trials model, which is straight off the alternator to the lighting. Which means the 6v bulbs are working off alternating current not dc!!! The frame has the dual downtubes at the rear of the engine and the swinging arm pivot is the rubber and steel bonded silentblock type. The seat is the Trials type and there are no provisions for passenger footrests. The aircleaner is also unique, see the website below.

I have taken 7 years to find the correct original parts to complete the bike as I got it in the usual boxes and in a terrible state. Fortunately being retired I have plenty of time to search the net (mostly eBay) for the missing parts. I have joined the local BSA club here in Sth Australia recently and at a recent rally, it was also the first time most of the members had seen one. My story is on the following website


  • Manufacturer:
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  • Year: 1965
  • Decade: 1960s
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