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1956 Triton Pictures

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This is one of the most genuine Tritons Ive yet to see,every last nut and bolt came from the right era.To my knowledge it was built by the late Terry Hobbs from Plymouth,in the mid 90s.Engine started life as a 1956 Tiger 110,the gearbox is Triumph with close ratio gears,and the frame is a wideline featherbed from a 1958 dominator 99…Ive owned it for the last 3 years,the only trouble is, it is a young mans bike,but I am now 67 years old and a long trip on it now is about 25 miles max…the bike has won first prize at the Paignton(Devon)Bike Night twice…its a real eye catcher………………..

  • Manufacturer: triumph/norton
  • Model: TRITON...Cafe Racer
  • Engine: Tiger 110
  • Year: engine 1956 frame 1958
  • Decade: 1950s
  • Machine Type: Road

3 Responses to “1956 Triton”

  1. I have extremely fond memories of Terry. I visited his shop in Plymouth with my Grandad when I was in my early teens. Bought my first bike from a mate at school a C10 BSA for the princley sum of £1 in1964, I had pictures on my locker wall at school of Jean Shrimpton etc however on my bedroom wall at home was Ray Pickerell & Renzo Pasollini & I always wanted a Triton. I could watch Terry for hours. He would always, whilst working on an engine, give a continuous, very fast, commentry. I learnt from him the laws of drag coeficients ie he would always polish the inside of the Triumph crank cases to reduce oil drag. He was a meticulous builder and for me the best in the country. I was also lucky to meet Dave Degans, in fact I still wear the Honda works lethers that I purchased from him when I did a stint with the CRMC in the late 80s.Dave could build a purposeful Triton both powerful & efficient ( Barcelona 24hr etc.) but Terrys’ bikes were pretty.

  2. Hello last September I bought a 1980 Triumph T140ES electric start Bonnie as a none running project its now ready to MOT but I have thought for a long time to find out more about the Terry Hobbs silencers as I have not heard or come across these before they are in good condition even if they are a bit load could you give me any information as to how these silencers were made thanks for any help

  3. I may be way off the mark here but i do not think that i am. The engine and gearbox will have T Hobbs punched into the casing. If this is my old bike, Terry rebuilt the engine and gearbox. The bike was bought by me for £200 as a bag of bits, the engine was in hell of a state. I bought it from a salesman at Highweek Toyota in Newton Abbot, roughly 1994, Terry rebuilt the engine for me and i bought many new bits but i never had the time to fit it up. I sold it to Burt Mounce of Ugborough in 1999 and after a short time, he sold it to a restorer at Rattery, his name i do not know., but it was rebuilt in this same green, the engine was twin carb and plated D Reg i think?…..The front brake was Italian Aldani and Hobbsie you to rave over that………so if this is the same bike, good luck and nice to see it again.

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