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1946 Moto Guzzi Super Alce Pictures

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Thanks to Barry Hipkiss for these pictures of his Moto Guzzi

  • Manufacturer: moto guzzi
  • Model: super alce
  • Engine: 500cc
  • Year: 1946
  • Decade: 1940s
  • Machine Type: Road

5 Responses to “1946 Moto Guzzi Super Alce”

  1. Graeme Studdert on July 1, 2011 @ 4:31 am

    Hi Barry,
    The Superalce look good. Is that the original paint work? I have just bought a Superalce from Italy and i am importing the bike back into Australia. Give me an email at adsl64tj@tpg.com.au as i would like to exchange photos and info.

  2. Graeme Studdert on December 5, 2011 @ 9:25 am

    Hello Barry,
    Do you still own this motorcycle? I have not had a reply so i assume you have sold the bike. If you have sold the bike where did it go?
    Please give me an email to graeme.studdert@tpg.com.au
    kindest regards

  3. sorry graeme dont look on this sight very often

    I bought the bike this color from the uk via the web having only seen potos, it steered like a camel had about 2 litres of wáter in tank Wheel bearings gone and this was supposed to be in tip top condition from an Dealer of ITALIAN Bikes ?
    I spent alot of time getting the forks straigtened Gettig parts machined Wheel Bearings ETCJust found a new clutch for it yet to fit also found some one tomatch the paint work, also bought needle and jets for the carb as runnnig well rich found varios companies for parts if you need had the bike about six years, regards Barry

    • Baz,

      I have acquired a Super Alce wich isn’t in too bad nick. The main thing I need is a decent carb. Originals seem pretty scarce, so if you know where I could get one I’d be interested to know. I might fit a more modern but retro-looking carb as an alternative – would you have any suggestions ?


  4. Hi graeme just site again.
    Dellorto carb hard to find , but amal 286 is for 500cc would be ok , they are about £120 new in uk,
    I have bought parts from this guy speaks english as well prices very fare.
    http://www.stein-dinse. Com in Germany my clutch was around 80 euros i think ,
    Like to see pic please my email motolocouno@gmail.com regards Baz

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