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1930 BSA S30-13 Pictures

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This is my BSA S30-13 Sloper. I have owned the bike for a number of years now. The bike gets started once in a while but rarely ridden. the interesting thing about this bike is it was the BSA Sloper featured in Alan Pucketts book “Classic Bikes” The book had it listed as a 1929 Sloper which it’s not. It’s a 1930 De-luxe model. The only thing that has changed on the bike since 1977 is tank rubbers have been fitted (2003).

  • Manufacturer: BSA
  • Model: S30-13 Sloper
  • Engine: 500cc
  • Year: 1930
  • Decade: 1930s
  • Machine Type: Road

7 Responses to “1930 BSA S30-13”

  1. I own also a BSA Sloper OHV 1929. May I ask you a question about the consumption of oil in the engine. I turned the oil tap about 1/2 turn, but I am surprised by the quantity of oil I need to add every time I ride the bike. May be the piston’s rings could be worn out, although there is not smoke at the exhaust. Is it the same situation for you ?
    Thanks. Best regards.

    • Hi. Nice restoration for sure. I have a similar 31 de-luxe Sloper and it is shear joy. So much so, I use it far to much for my liking in wet/icy/salty weather, even to work.. Just can’t help it !! (I try and avoid too much rain.. It fills the dials with condensation and gets in to the dynamo brushes very easily, which swell and seize in their guides causing the 3 brush dynamo not to cut in) It also consumes lots of oil, about 1/2 litre every hundred miles. Visibly smoking, I also run mine rich, resolving a spate of seizures after initial build 3 years ago but with the oil control reduced over time to just 1/2 turn open. After 5000 miles like this, I gave it a top end decoke and found far less carbon build up than I expected – about a 3rd of the piston top was visible aluminium and it didn’t really need a de-coke or valve grind, although I did it anyway. I use Morris golden Film SAE40 all year round (UK weather temperatures).

  2. well guy .? u have a nice bike ….. put the m.f. … rubber on the street … whats wrong with u ? must b the new times … ole lady bitching … cant ride….. sell it …. give it away … everthing needs love …. lol… perfect …have great day made me laugh …? smile it will b ok sawb
    smart ass white boy inc. smart ass jeff

  3. Hi,

    Nice bike and excellent restoration work. I have a 1930 G30-15 and the headlight is not the original. The original one I believe should be as the one on your bike.

    Would you mind to send me a few close up pictures of the headlight?


  4. Hi Guys.

    I agree with Bill that it’s a great shame your bike’s not ridden. It gives so many people joy to pootle about on our old bikes….much better than going and seeing them in collections where they’re beautiful, but static and not living breathing machines which is their purpose.

    Dimo, re your headlight being “..not the right one…”, please remember that there was lots of choice in accessories back in 1929/1930 just as there is today, I have a BSA S29-19 2 Port Light and run it with an acetylene headlight which I’ve converted to electric.

    I did that ’cause I have a 1932 phot of my bike where it has the acetylene headlamp, but it did at one time have an electric headlight set fitted like the one on this lovely Sloper..Main thing I reckon is to ride and enjoy your bike whatever it’s setup, change it to suit yourself & not get hung up on “originality”, I follow the ethos of “..it’s better to ride ‘em than hide ‘em..”

  5. Stuart Bell on August 3, 2011 @ 9:30 am

    Trying to help my father in law source tail pipe for this exact model. Can anybody help where going nuts trying to find one

  6. HI there
    I just bought 1930 BSA sloper S30-13. My engine and transmission not complete. Looking for illustrate picture and manual. Regards Siva

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