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1906-09 Brown Pictures

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Many thanks again to Andy Breeden for this old picture.  And many thanks to Howard and Max for identifying it as a Brown.  The “Brown” of 1906/1909 period , while this type frame, forks & 26” wheels were in use on the Coil Ignition Brown Models that came in two different engine sizes. Shows the smaller “The Brown” engine of 2 ¾ HP fitted , the fuel/oil tank has been modified, a L & E Rear stand fitted along with what appears to be XL-ALL springing to the front axle. Pedal assist has been discarded and a long exhaust pipe appears to be fitted. The factory photograph here for comparison shows the Larger  3 ½ HP Coil Ignition Model engine fitted in the same UK Brown Brothers Ltd rolling frame. Note the higher positions of the cylinder top and spark plug when the bigger engine is in place.  

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