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1954 MV Agusta 175 Super Sport Monoalbero “CSS” to make appearance

1954 MV Agusta 175 Super Sport Monoalbero “CSS” to make appearance on August 21, 2011 at the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This is one of the most important motorcycles in MV Agusta history and it will be displayed at The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on Sunday, August 21, 2011. It has enormous charm due to its superb performance, but also thanks to the design of the gas tank it gives the bike its nickname Disco Volante (flying saucer). The Super Sport was the dream of all sports bike enthusiasts and was often used for racing. The “Earles” type front fork is one of the main distinguishing characteristics of this model. This Disco Volante CSS was found in unrestored, original condition ...

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We were there – the 2011 Festival of 1000 Bikes

The Festival of 1000 Bikes
What a superb weekend, full of classic and vintage motorcycles of all sizes, shapes and types. From the modest BSA Bantam to full-on fire-breathing Manx Nortons, the Festival of 1000 Bikes really offers something for everyone. The weather was great, the organisation superb and the atmosphere was so relaxed. I've taken pictures of over 100 of my favourite bikes from the event and have posted them in a gallery on the Vintagebike website for you all to enjoy. Not only that but I was lucky enough to spend some time with King Kenny Roberts, Phil Read and Graeme ...

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Feature – The British Motorcycle Charitable Trust

Sunbeam B24
The British Motorcycle Charitable Trust is a Registered Charity, run by motorcycle enthusiasts to promote and support the preservation and restoration of our motorcycle heritage - and what a great job they are doing!  Their challenge is to identify and secure rare British motorcycles, ensure their restoration and make them available and accessible to the nation through a network of museums and collections. By doing this they aim to establish and preserve a rich working record of an important cultural and sporting aspect of our industrial and engineering history. Without the work of the Trust, many fine machines would be taken abroad, or into private collections – or be lost forever ...

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We were there – The 31st International Classic Motorcycle Show

Stafford Classic Motorcycle Show
Easter arrived with some spectacle at the 31st International Classic Motorcycle Show at Stafford this year.  There was a superb range of machinery present ranging right from the turn of the century through to the 1980s.  We managed to get there on the Sunday - nice and early before the crowds arrived, and spent a thoroughly enjoying few hours wandering around taking pictures! I must say it is on days like this, that I realise how lucky we are to be based right here in the UK with all these superb classic bike events to choose from.  But for those who were unable to make it, I ...

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Fantastic New Book – Travelling with Mr Turner

Travelling with Mr Turner
A perceptive, witty, often tongue-in-cheek book, this is a fascinating personal perspective on the history of Triumph Motorcycles seen through the eyes of two different social eras. When lawyer Nigel Winter takes a few days off to follow in the tyre-tracks of Edward Turner, on his way from Land's End to John O'Groats, he finds far, far more than he expects. For Mr Turner designed the Triumph motorcycle that powered Marlon Brando to fame in The Wild One, and on which Steve McQueen tried to jump the wire in The Great Escape. Along the road to John O'Groats, the author riding his modern ...

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TT Film – Closer to the Edge

Closer to the Edge
Some really exciting news...  A new 3D film telling the incredible story of the TT is about to be released.  We're thrilled to be able to tell you about it, and lucky to be able to offer you the chance to attend the World Premier of the showing in London on April 14th!  All you have to do is submit your entry below, and the lucky winner will be notified by email on Thursday April 7th. If you would like to attend the World Premier of this film in London, on the evening of Thursday 14th April then all you have to do is send me an email by clicking the button below.  The winner will be announced on ...

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We were there… The 2011 Race Retro Show

Moto Guzzi V8 at the 2011 Race Retro Show
The Race Retro show is one of those events that has a great mix of vehicles with both 2 and 4 wheels and there were some superb machines there from both worlds.  With an underlying theme of historic motorsport, the show certainly attracts some of the world's leading machines, riders and drivers. Without a doubt the most exciting bike on show was the quite incredible Guzzi V8 - a machine that became a legend as soon as it was produced and has remained so until this day.  The bike was the brainchild ...

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The Giacomo Agostini Interview

Giacomo Agostini Interview
Yes, I was fortunate enough to spend an hour with the truly great Giacomo Agostini.  He was generous enough to spend an hour of his busy schedule answering a few questions.  As a true hero of mine, with a sporting record that has marked him as one of the best riders of all time; it was a tremendous pleasure to meet the man behind the many pictures…  After some negotiations on what language the interview should be in (Italian, English or Welsh!), here are some of the interesting facts and views that came from the interview. How and why did you start motorcycle racing? I started ...

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Ex-Hailwood Honda RC174

Ex-Hailwood Honda RC174
How about this for a rarity...!  It's coming up for sale on 13th April at the H&H Auctions at the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton, UK.  It's one of two in existence and the only one in private ownership and without doubt one of the most important racing motorcycles in the world. Honda's ultimate six-cylinder racing motorcycle - like many of mankind's greatest creations - was both rooted-in, and yet divorced from, its era. A handsome but predominantly conventional design, what made the RC174 so special was its engine. Some four decades after the multiple grand prix runner had retired from frontline competition, Honda sanctioned a tiny series of ...

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721,703 miles on a Vincent..

1955 Vincent Black Prince
Bonhams are to sell a truly unique motorcycle which has spectacularly covered over 1 million kilometres at the hands of one careful owner. It will be auctioned at the International Motorcycle Show in Staffordshire on April 24th 2011 and has attracted a pre-sale estimate of £35,000 - £40,000. Fondly nicknamed Vinnylonglegs, this 1955 Vincent Black Prince is probably one of the most travelled motorcycles in existence, having regularly toured Europe to notch up its staggering 721,703 miles. Northumbrian born Vincent enthusiast Stuart Jenkinson bought his new 998cc Black Prince from St. Andrew’s Motors in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1955. Since then he is the only person who ...

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