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1927 Tinkler Pictures

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Dave Martin has sent this picture in to me – believed to be a 1927 Tinkler.  The picture is believed to be from a mid-twenties IoM TT practice.

  • Manufacturer: Tinkler
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1927
  • Decade: 1920s
  • Machine Type: Race

One Response to “1927 Tinkler”

  1. This information came from Larry Devlin.

    It’s 1927, and there were two full weeks of practice, starting Monday June 6th.
    Almond Tinkler had been working night and day for several months to build this unique machine, and while he arrived on the Island on the Wednesday of the first week, the bike was incomplete and was finished in a garage “hanging on the cliff of Laxey Bay”, according to “The Motor Cycle”.
    It didn’t appear at all that week.
    Monday of the second week, “not very fast”. Seized near Sulby (leaking rad.) but completed one lap, at well over the hour.
    Tuesday, out again. One slow lap with steaming radiator, started another after filling with water, but ran out of time.
    Wednesday, again one lap, again over the hour. Well short of qualifying.
    The two Tinkler brothers had been working all but 24 hour days, and exhaustion was setting in.
    Thursday saw a lap at 51 minutes, still outside qualifying time, and while not steaming, much oil smoke was reported. Not seen on Friday, but Almond Tinkler had been seen by the doctor, who forbade him to ride any more.
    Saturday, the last practice day, saw one lap, again well over the hour. Entry was scratched.
    The engine was 79 x 100, same as the Norton

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