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Spondon Kreidler Pictures

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Thanks to Enrico Mattioni for these pictures of his bike.  It is a Woolley & Bone’s design and Spondon built little 50cc, Kreidler racing engine. She was raced in early 70s and even made the Austrian world motoGP in 1971.

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  • Engine:
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  • Decade: 1970s
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2 Responses to “Spondon Kreidler”

  1. I Enrico I sold you the bike! Biggest regret of my life hope your enjoying it. Phil.

  2. hi my name is chis geary , I think this is the bike that i made in 1970 4 71 , yes spondon frame but kreidler disc valve the rest I made it went well but the handelig was like a pig

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