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Matt Wright in 1951 Pictures

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Matt Wirght and the record breaking AJS outfit at Montelhery in 1951.  Many thanks to Phil Heath for sending the pictures in.  Phill worked for Bill Doran and Matt Wright in the 60′s as a mechanic after leaving the army.

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  • Year: 1951
  • Decade: 1950s
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3 Responses to “Matt Wright in 1951”

  1. I can remember Matt Wright from the 1960′s when he was in partnership with Bill Doran in a motorcycle shop in Wellington (now Telford) Shropshire. The mechanics at that time were Alf Nickless and Phil Heath. When Matt Wright retired, to live in Shrewsbury I believe, Ralph Laycock took over the partnership with Doran. I purchased a new BSA 441 Shooting Star from them. What a disappointment that was, promised a lot but delivered very little, a dud.

  2. Kevin Davies on February 5, 2014 @ 8:49 pm

    My grandfather purchased a new Ariel NH350 Red Hunter from Doran and Wright in 58. I now own the bike which is totally immaculate and used as often as possible. My grandfather and father often spoke of Bill.

  3. Julia Dowding on May 7, 2017 @ 2:00 pm

    My Dad is Phil Heath- we were looking to see if we could trace Alf Nickless as they have lost contact and up came the photo of Bill Doran and Matt Wright- a brilliant rider and brilliant engineer respectively.If anyone has news of Alf please post a response. Thanks

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