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A collection of Maicos at the 2007 West Kent Run.

  • Manufacturer:
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  • Year:
  • Decade: 1950s
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3 Responses to “Maicos”

  1. Hi great picture. Can anybody tell me the year model of the frist Maico in this pic? I have one that looks like it, that iam trying to get a title for. Thanks for your help Pat

    • richard engstrand on February 21, 2013 @ 6:20 pm

      I once had a maico that looked exactly like the one in “the first Maico picture”, It (she) was a 1957 250 cc “moto-cross” bike. You will notice the earls front fork which was interesting–the bike rose on front break decel. The machine was verey well constructed–may too well as it was on the heavy side. As i recall it had a 15 hp. engine and a four speed trans. The trans. shifting mech. was quite fragil and needed constant fiddling. At the time i thought it was the most beautiful i’d ever seen–just very cool and european looking. Looking back it seems to look more like an ISDT bike than a motocrosser. God i loved that bike! And yes of course i wish i’d kept it along with the TR-6C, ’59 convertable D Etc. If You would like ant more info drop me a line richardengstrand@gmail.com

      • Hey, that’s our Maico’s in the picture. Dutch Maico Riders Club participating in the West Kent Run.
        The one in the front is a 250cc Maico Blizzard, with some parts of the Maico M250B.
        The second one, with the beer keg, is a M220S, older, ’53-’54.
        The third, with Wilma’s yellow helmet, also is a M200T, older type frame compared to the M200S.
        Also two M250B, millitary bikes participated.
        Check out youtube were you can see us riding in Kent.
        Cheers, Piet

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