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A Henley seen at the 2005 Calne Meet. And thanks to Valentin Stoinev of Bulgaria for this brief background on the Henley marque:

New Henley were motorcycles produced from 1926 to 1931 by New Henley Motors, firstly of Doe Street, then of Warstone Lane, Birmingham, and finally of Oldham, Lancashire.

• 1920 Company formed as Henley, Blackburn and Co
• 1926 This make was the successor to Henley and there was an immediate change from Blackburne to JAP and MAG engines.
• 1927 A wide variety of engine capacity models was announced, including 346cc, 490cc and 747cc.
• 1927 Name changed to New Henley Motor Cycle Co
• 1928 The company moved to Warstone Lane, and only JAP engines were used.
• 1929 All ohv models had two-port heads and, apart from a 300cc sv JAP-powered lightweight known as the Pup, cradle frames were adopted throughout. Both of the company directors, Arthur Greenwood and Johnnie Crump came from Lancashire, so another move was made – this time to the old Bradbury works, in Oldham.
• 1930 Johnnie Crump was on his own and introduced a range of Villiers two-stroke models to augment the JAP range. These were of 172cc, 196cc and 247cc.
• 1931 The 172cc was dropped while all the others continued, but by the end of the year lack of money bought the venture to a close.

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  • Decade: 1920s
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