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A couple of really interesting pictures sent in by Allan Sørensen. Allan’s father was the rider Svend Aage Sørensen who joined the Isle of man TT LW-Junior-Senior in 1952. He rode an Excelsior 250cc Manxman from 1939, a Norton 350cc Manx Gardengate from 1949, followed by a Norton 500cc Manx Featherbed. But he only had room for two bikes in his car…. See the following link for a great picture and story….
http://www.standardmotorclub.org.uk/cars/flying/features/archives/motorcycles.htm What did he do?
He made an Excelsior manxman featherbed and then he only had two bikes and one extra engine. The Norton exhaust pipe was too short for the manxman engine; it lost the upper 200-300 revs. The Excelsior exhaust pipe was longer and had “the right sound”. He won three bronze medals – LW 14 – Junior 27 – Senior 25.

Norton gave Svend a medal on his 50th birthday as a reward.

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