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1930s AJS 33/10 Pictures

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Thanks to Ian Wall for this picture of his AJS 33/10 (Trophy) competition spec. He is currently missing the seat, headlight bulb and exhaust. Other than that the bike is complete and original with matching numbers. If you can help Ian finish this job, please get in touch.

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  • Decade: 1930s
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4 Responses to “1930s AJS 33/10”

  1. Great frame. I’ve seen R8/R9/R6/S9 machines. Rode the first 3. Like how the battery location midline/in front of seatpost is very visable/accessable. Front forks work well. The 3 speed/constant mesh gearboxes shift reliably. The adjustable saddle post is fine for lightweight rider(10st). These are all slopers. Your 33/10 vertical, so weight dist’ slightly different.

  2. owen corrigan on November 26, 2011 @ 9:40 am

    hi ian just got a 33/10 in very similar condition to yours with some bits missing i know carb is not correct one could you let me know carb no it is stamped on body near mounting flange good luck trying to source any bits i cannot find anything regards owen

  3. Hi Ian, If you decide you want to sell the bike at some stage then this is just the kind of project I’m looking for. I’m on 07803 269491, Cheers, Richard

  4. Hi Ian, my friend has an R10 engine in a 1929 frame. It’s on the road and used. Yours is a potential great road bike, and I hope all goes well, regards Richard/NZ.

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