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1968 Norton Atlas Pictures

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Probably one of the last Norton Atlas to be built. Several different details to other bikes; the blue tank and toolbox lid was the original colour. The wiring harness is different to earlier Atlas, note the position of the rectifier. The clutch cable was the same as a commando. Anyone have anything similar?

  • Manufacturer: Norton
  • Model: Atlas
  • Engine: 750cc
  • Year: 1968
  • Decade: 1960s
  • Machine Type: Road

3 Responses to “1968 Norton Atlas”

  1. I have a very similar Atlas. U.S. titled as a 1969 with side reflectors and high handlebars
    in fully restored condition with white piping around the top of naughahide seat.
    Originally was painted candy apple green. I welded on a triumph kickstand with a considerable rake. Added front fork Norton lettere engraved leather tool bag, leather side bags and medium square tube sissy bar with brackets.
    Really looks like a low rider heavy.
    Front fork lowers are inside the uppers on mine. The only original part I am missing is the machined two face washer located on the bottom of the bike. Also use Jefferson nickel
    as tachometer drive press fit seal.

    • Hi,

      I live in Croatia and have a similar Atlas. The tank is blue like yours.
      The side panels and the fender stays are chromed.
      What is your engine number?
      I need some parts to get the bike back on the road.

      Kind regards!

      • Hello Nick.

        Wow, I am surprised to hear from you in Croatia, with an Atlas. I sold mine back in 2002, now riding an SV650S. So much better than the Atlas, no vibration at all.

        I’m interested in knowing you had a blue tank too, maybe it was part of the last batch too, what is the year of yours. Don’t have the engine number anymore.

        Have you managed to get the parts to get your bike on the road again?

        I live in Canada.

        Best regards, Dave,

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