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1966 Garelli 50cc Works Racer Pictures

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Another fine racing bike displayed at the 2004 Stafford show.  This is a 1966 works 50cc racer and is one of only two built.  Built by Theo Muirs for the Garelli factory, both bikes were raced in Holland in 1967.  This one was brought to England at the end of 67, and in 1969, won the British Championship whilst being ridden by George Ashton.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1966
  • Decade: 1960s
  • Machine Type:

4 Responses to “1966 Garelli 50cc Works Racer”

  1. I know this is perhaps clutching at straws but does anyone know who owns this bike? If its George Ashton’s then I think its the same bike ridden by my dad in the 1968 TT?

    • Hi Steve

      Sorry for the delayed answer but I have only just noticed the photo on the internet.
      My name is Phil Cody I own the bike, I bought it in 2000 and totally restored it.
      I used to race it’s sister which is now back in Holland.
      I knew your father as I also rode 50′s between 1968 to 1981 winning many races.

      As for your father riding the Garelli in the TT in 1968, I didn’t know that, what I do know
      is your father rode it at the Irish GP and finished forth against the world’s best 50 riders
      I have two great photos of him at this race

      I you want to talk to me my mobile number is 07881 295851, email cody2009@btinternet.com


      Phil Cody

  2. Hi Steve

    I own the bike if you would like to talk please contact on 0781 295851


    Phil Cody

  3. Hi, I knew Stuart Aspin, and also met his son Steven, I’m glad to know that the Garelli which Stuart rode at “The Ulster” in ’69 has been restored beautifully by Phil Cody.
    I believe Stuart also contested the IOM TT in ’68 on a bike that was originally intended to be ridden in the event by Dave Simmonds. Does anyone have any information about the ’68 event and bike…owner/ race details/circumstance/ photos etc. Cheers, Jim

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