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1961 Cotton-Honda CB92 Special Pictures

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1961 Cotton-Honda CB92 twin special one off.

  • Manufacturer: Cotton Honda
  • Model: CB92
  • Engine: 125cc
  • Year: 1961
  • Decade: 1960s
  • Machine Type: Race

8 Responses to “1961 Cotton-Honda CB92 Special”

  1. does anyone know where this bike is now? i owned it many years ago and raced it at croft a couple of timesbut it was easily outpaced by the yamaha 125 twins, i bought it from a guy in london who had sprinted it and brought it up to the north on the train. it was built i believe by earnshaws of london as a prototype for an over the counter racer but honda would not sell them the engines so it is a one off based loosely on the cotton telstar if my memory serves me right. interested in cb92 i am just starting the rebuild of a 1964 cb92 which when completed should be the youngest on the honda register to date unless you know different. if you know where the bike is i would love to see it again although i expect it will have a high price on it.thanks.

    • Tani Muhonen on February 9, 2017 @ 11:26 am

      Hello Steve, Im also interested in knowing more about this special cos planning to make an replica frame etc. cheers T.M.

    • Hi Steve, not sure if this thread is active anymore but I’ve just come across the fuel tank for this very bike.
      Spotted it on eBay whilst looking for a suitable tank for a small Honda project bike.

  2. good luck tani with your plans if you can pull it off. i’m not on this site to often but will keep a look out now i know there is some other interest in the bike which is now quite a novel desirable bike. i don’t think i have any photos of the bike any more and can’t really add much further details than i already have but it did sound beautiful with those megga’s on. cheer and keep in touch with your plan.

  3. tani muhonen on February 21, 2017 @ 9:49 pm

    Wow Steve, I tought that you never reach this message. Yes, the plan is to race it in the mixed class of pre47&175cc here. I`ll be using 1967 CB ss125 motor as a base, with c95/150cc iron barrels bored to class. Double carbs and 5 speeds. Alltogether the motor is younger sister to cb92. The frame is to be made by pro shop here (JL-Meccanica). Still there is plenty of questions still…front end etc. etc. so any extra info is welcome.
    Ill keep you informed. Cheers, tani

  4. hi tani, good to get your message. brakes on cb92 where obviously honda cb92 and forks were cotton, possibly telstar or conquest. engine had honda cb92 race kit in it. where are you based? good luck, steve harrison

    • Hi, Im based in Finland. I Got cb92 front wheel and planned something light to the rear ie.(cb160..cb125..) I saw in some old picture that Cottons (Minter) were raced with the roadholder front too. Cheers

  5. Steve Harrison on June 13, 2022 @ 8:31 pm

    Hi Harry, just seen your post as it came to my junk mail for some reason. I also spotted the tank and got in touch with the seller. He told me he saw the tank at an auto jumble and bought it on a whim some time ago but he had no idea where the bike is. Would of been nice to see it again and maybe had a sit on it. Don’t think I could afford it these days though, now a pensioner.

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