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1950s Panther Model 65 Pictures

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This picture was taken at the 2005 Calne Motorcycle Meet. It is claimed by the owner to be a 250cc 1936 Model 65, but converted to a 1954 specification. However, I would like to thank Matt Rayner for pointing out the following:

“The machine pictured has the upright engine configuration that was introduced in 1946 for the M65 and M75 range. Girder forks were used in 46, and then Dowty oiliomatic forks were then used until 54 when the Panther fork was invented, (probably fitted to some 53 sw arm models that were meant for the next year’s sales) The engine casings are the later type introduced around 1952, but I have a 1950 M75 with the earlier casing design. The swinging arm didn’t come in untill 53 at the earliest for sale in 54.

The prewar models all had girder forks, the engines were all slightly sloping and the saddle tube was always a two tube bolt-on arrangement whereas the M65 has one larger saddle tube brazed into a forging at the top – not bolted on”

So in summary this is very clearly a later 50′s sw arm M65.

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