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1934 BSA R34-5 Blue Star Pictures

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B.S.A. Blue star before and after pics.

Thanks to Mike for these pictures of his 1934 BSA R34-5 Blue Star.

  • Manufacturer: B.S.A.
  • Model: R34-5 Blue Star
  • Engine: 350cc
  • Year: 1934
  • Decade: 1930s
  • Machine Type: Road

2 Responses to “1934 BSA R34-5 Blue Star”

  1. you do a great job to restore a verry nice bike i love the thirties BSA i own several M ohv types Gr Theo from Holland

  2. THEO, WOW (I’m late) SINCE 2012. I’D LOVE TO HAVE AN ’38 TO DO BUT ANYTHING IS GREAT ALONG THEM LINES, I’M IN CALIFORNIA 94070 !! in the Old Spanish Town Of San Carlos Ca. ! My parents came from NL IN 1931. How long did it take to make it as new again? If I got one I’d do it as good as it looks too.! I can see that its an Superb restoration job you did.to bad I don’tvlive inthe Beautiful Holland tulip Land, I’d drop by & we’d drive through the Great Wall Of China from There~!! I’m sure its capable of making that trip with another 350 cc./500 cc. BSA.! 3,000 miles- 6,000 miles round trip.! cheers and a great MC from Holland archives an AAA+++ beautiful BSA.-My only real love.~!!Time for an Dutch beer & Goda !! cheers from California !!


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