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1932 Harley Davidson Model B Pictures

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Many thanks to Johnny Sells for identifying this bike for me. The two-tube muffler was used on the 1930 – 45″ twin and the 1932 to 1934 – 21″ singles. The horn is part no. 4809-31, introduced in 1931 and used on all 1931 to 1939 models (previous models used the Klaxon 11 projector horn that was mounted on the front forks under the head lamp). The carburetor is a side-bowl Schebler (part no. 1227-26) used on the 1926 to 1934 A & B singles). The gas tank (used on the 1932 to 1934 – 21″ singles) is taller than those used on the 1926 to 1930 21″ singles. So, based on these amazingly detailed observations, he has narrowed it down to 1932 and 1934.

And thanks to James Clow for this further observation: “it can be narrowed down further from the tail light lense and paint. 1932 did not have a brake light so the lense is flat glass. 1934 definitely had the beehive tail light lens to accommodate the larger two filament bulb. So it could still be a 1932 or 1933. The paint/decal treatment of the gas tank is the 1932 style. In 1933 the tank graphic was an art deco eagle and in 1934 it changed again to a diamond with a wing, I have a 1932B and used the later tail light lense so I could have a tail light and brake light. Research has told me there are only about 500 1932Bs ever produced. Most were sold in Europe and Australia.”

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1932
  • Decade: 1930s
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