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1930 OEC 500cc KOR Pictures

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Many thanks to Howard for this picture and the story below. If you are an OEC owner, Howard would like to swap stories so get in touch and I’ll forward your email on to him.
“I fell in love with this bike the first time I clapped eyes on it way back in about 1978 at a Vintage Motor Cycle Club registration day at the old George Green Motor Museum at Leppington outside Sydney Australia. It struck me as one of the most unusual bikes I had ever seen and it still strikes me that way. Its known history goes back to when it was owned by Paddy Ryan just after WW2, Paddy had started his own business in motor cycle wrecking in Sydney (after working for Harry Beanham), it was a V twin OEC in those days, I have a photo of it outside Paddy’s premises…it must have been difficult for Paddy to sell, he ended up selling the motor only and then the rolling frame hung around the shop for a long time until one of Paddy’s old pals by the name of Jack Borrowdale took an interest in the remains. Jack talked Paddy into swapping the OEC for a running 1916 Harley Davidson sidecar outfit….the swap was done.

I questioned Paddy’s son Barry about his recollections of the OEC in 1995 and he confirmed the above….I suggested I would be keen to swap the OEC back for the Harley outfit…..Barry laughed and said “that’s long gone”….it turned up in a shed at the back of the shop after Barry died in about 1996….the shed had not been opened since Paddy had died in 1973.

Jack located a 500cc KOR Racing JAP motor that had once been fitted to an OEC, quite a find really, OEC’s would not have been that thick on the ground in Australia even when new. The bike was restored using the KOR motor and ran for years by Jack in local VMCC events. Jack decided to sell at some stage and it went through 3 more owners before me, I bought it in about 1995.

Even though I love the bike it feels strange to ride….it likes to go straight ahead!!

The frame No is DS RS 30 19 which equates out to DS=Duplex Steering, RS=Rear Springing, 30=1930, 19=the 19th bike made in 1930. I have another part frame which is DS RS 30 1. I also have another KOR bottom end so one day another OEC might appear.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1930
  • Decade: 1930s
  • Machine Type:

4 Responses to “1930 OEC 500cc KOR”

  1. Hi,
    We have a 1938 OEC which has been partially restored (that is a long story!). My partner Martyn is the enthusiast, and if Howard would like to contact us, then please pass my email address to him.

  2. Hi I have a 1930 frame 242 OEC 990 JAP although original for that year I think was a black burn I am interested in finding some parts. I have the bottom half of the primary chain cover but would like to find he rest o course

  3. Gordon Burge on June 27, 2015 @ 6:35 pm

    I realise this is an 2 year old posting but maybe I can possibly help. I have a 1930 Blackburne engined OEC which during its course of restoration I had a chaincase cast. I still have the pattern equipment. If still inteested please contact for further discussion

    • Hi sorry for slow reply just got back to this site I am interested in the case can you send a photo of yours
      My OEC is very close to finished if you are interested I can send some photos

      Cheers Brenton

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