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1929 BSA S29-19 Pictures

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A lovely old BSA sent in by Akos Rozsos of Hungary. He would like to restore this bike, and is seeking any information that may help him. The engine number is K2168. Thanks to Bill Morrell for pointing out that this is a 1929 S29-19 two port light 4.93 h/p OHV.

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1929
  • Decade: 1920s
  • Machine Type:

9 Responses to “1929 BSA S29-19”

  1. Hi Akos.

    Would love to get in contact re your unrestored 1929 BSA S29-19, the same vintage bike which I also have. I’ve written a wee story of my bike which is on this site (see link above)and am keen to talk with others who also have an example of this rare model (only 2 years in production – 1929 and 1930).

    Cheers, Les Elmer
    Auckland, New Zealand

  2. Hi

    I have got another one in Sweden, also unrestored so far. Mine is a maron one.

    • Hi Arne.

      Wonderful, another 2 Port Light – I would love to get in contact re your unrestored 1929 BSA S29-19, the same vintage BSA model which Arkos, you and I all have. A short history of my bike is on this site and I am keen to expand that to include details of other examples of this model which I believe were only made for 2 years – 1929 and 1930).

      My email address is elmers@xtra.co.nz

      Cheers, Les Elmer
      Auckland, New Zealand

  3. Hi,
    I have a twin port cylinder head for one of these. Bought it for a Sloper for £60 but inlet port differs to allow carb to be horizontal when head is on an upright engine. Fits a BSA Sloper Barrel though. Would sell for same if it helps someone out. brian.fosh@sky.com

  4. Hello,
    I have the same bike as you.
    BSA S29-19 Light 2 port 493cc 1929

    Look at my website: http://bsa4.93h.ps29portlight.over-blog.fr/#

    I want a Lucas headlight.


    I also need an oil pump


    Where to find this piece?
    Excuse me for my english


  5. i need a kick start quad for a 29 bsa light weight 3 speed any one to help me thanks steve

  6. Hi Steve. They’re like rocking horse droppings mate….{;–)> ..very hard to find. Mine had an old bicycle pedal and shank on it when I got it. We found a similar vintage-era Triumph kick start lever, and then heated and put a double kink in it to clear the Brooklands exhaust can. Works OK but I think could ideally be just a tad longer. Cheers, Les

  7. hi guys, i too have a sloper 1920 S29 – can anyone tell me if the crankshaft has a felt or leather washer (or nothing?) on the crankshaft where it sits in the bronze bush in the timing case to help feed oil into crankshaft?

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