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1925 Rover Pictures

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Thanks to Craig Exley for these pictures. They show his grandfather (Jack Black) and his mother-in-law.

Thanks to David Withers for pointing out that ‘SM’ was in fact a Dumfriesshire registration.

Thanks to Bob McGrath for the following:

“Obviously Rovers made both cars and bikes in the early days and the model shown is the last model bike they made before concentrating on cars. Some of this info I remember from the short history I have and some I am quoting from the Olympia Show Report in “MotorCycling” of November 1924 reporting on the upcoming 1925 models.
The bike was originally a 250ohv and very modern for its day but as usual riders wanted more power so for 1925 Rover upped the engine to a 350. It was of unit construction with the engine and gearbox in the one unit like todays bikes and the valve gear was totally enclosed. It had a modern lubricating system with the oil be circulated with a submerged oil pump in the sump. Oil capacity was one quart (bit over a litre). Not really enough and I think this was its Achilles Heel. As you can see from the photo it also had an enclosed primary chain. This was all about ten years before these things became pretty well standard practice in the rest of the motorcycle world. A very interesting and smart bike and there are a few survivors around.”

  • Manufacturer:
  • Model:
  • Engine:
  • Year: 1925
  • Decade: 1920s
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3 Responses to “1925 Rover”

  1. Hi all, I originally posted this up quite a few years back and so another belated thanks David and Bob (and the late Titch Allen) for their replies and valuable advice.

    My grandfather was a farmer and did indeed reside in Dumfriesshire. His farm was near Annan. I’m still trying to trace the bike (I have romantic notions of trying to get it back into our motorcycling family!). DVLA have no record of the registration SM 5196, and have advised me to contact the owners club. Unfortunately, I am unable to trace a ‘Rover’ motorcycle owners club. Can anyone help further with tracing the bike? It would be great to know if it still exists and where it might have ended up.

    Regards to all,


    • Anyone know anything about this bike, or where a similar model might be available for sale? I’d really like to get one back in the family!

  2. Is this listing still active?


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