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1910 The Wynn Pictures

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Thanks to Martin Shelley for these pictures of a 1910 Wynn. Mr Wynn was apparently a motorcycle and cycle dealer who ran a business in Alcester in Warwickshire nefore the first world war, and he built this machine from an assortment of new and old parts in 1910 for his sister to ride. It has a 1904 Minerva 350cc engine, Druid forks and a clutch hub rear wheel from a contemporary Triumph I think, but the rest of the machine he made up.
Martin believes it remained in the Wynn family until the late 50s when a roving TV repair man from nearby Atherstone called on the house with a repaired TV. He enquired about whether there might be any old bikes hidden away, and was amazed when he was offered the Wynn in part payment for the TV repair… The man was of course Charlie Murray, who shortly afterwards removed his large collection of bikes to Bungalow Bridge in the Isle of Man where he set up Murray’s Motorcycle Museum, which has only recently closed…

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  • Year: 1910
  • Decade: 1910s
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