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Kawasaki 400 triple for light restoration

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Seller: Private
  • Manufacturer: Kawasaki
  • Model: KH400-A3
  • Engine: 400cc 2 stroke triple
  • Year: 27/10/75
  • Listed: June 30, 2020 1:53 pm

The bike has been in storage for 25 years, a runner with MOT before entering storage. Protective coatings from storage is still on. Requires degreasing, a full service, and some minor repairs to use or as all original a starter as a show bike restoration job.

Location PA4 near Glasgow

Current condition.
The bike was move from storage to my garage. The front wheel was seized. After removing the brake caliper the wheel was free to rotate. The piston pushed back into the caliper after the brake pipe was disconnected. On reassembly the wheel turns freely but the brake lever is seized. All other controls move freely. A spare M/C battery was attached to the terminals. Most of the electrics functioned when the ignition switch is on, exceptions indicators light but do not flash, front side light and front brake light(brake problem).
Engine and gearbox. With spark plugs removed the engine kicks over freely. A spark is available on all cylinders. With plugs in there is equal pressure in each cylinder. I do not want to try firing up the engine until the oil pump has been checked. The oil tank was full when storage started and has remained so. The clutch leaver operates but the clutch does not disengage. All the gears in the gearbox can be selected. Neutral light works.
The exhaust pipes and silencers are original with signs if surface rust but no holes.
Frame and bodywork are all original, no structural or deep rust or corrosion. Paint on the body parts is good, the pictures do not show it of well due to the protective oil. Frame has a number of places where the paint has worn off but only suffering from light surface rust. The aluminium surfaces show no signs of corrosion.
Body work damage see pictures 571, 572 and 568. Small dent on tank, 2 small dents on front mudguard, scratch on oil tank. This is the 3 worst damaged areas on the bodywork.
The bike has a valid V5C in my name and currently has a SORN. It is not on the historic vehicle register but would qualify. I have the MOTs from 95, 96 and 97. The current recorded mileage is 23,058.

The history.
A friend bought the bike second hand in April 1980. New rear shocks were fitted. He used it for 1 summer them dismantled it to do some maintenance and repairs. While the bike was in bits he got married. The parts were left in a heated brick garage until June 1995 when I bought the bike in boxes of bits. The bike was 100% complete including nuts and bolts which had been refitted to the dismantled parts. Also included was the Kawasaki shop manual for that model.
There was a problem with the bleed nipple on front brake caliper, the hex was broken off in the closed position. An untidy assembly was constructed to act as a bleed nipple(see pictures). It passed 3 MOTs. I believe tidier solutions are now available.
The only things that I can remember replacing and still have receipts for are:-
steering stem bearings, piston rings, air filter. All remaining part were checked and within tolerance.
I completed the rebuilt in August 95. MOT mileage 19,688.
I used the bike unto September 97. I put into storage. During storage the bike was heavily coated with protective oil which has not been removed. The battery was removed. It was stored under additional cloth and PVC sheeting in a water-tight shed. Every few years the spark plugs were removed, cylinders oiled, and the engine kicked over. No attempted to start it was made.
In March 2020 I decided that I would never get round to getting it on the road again so I am putting it up for sale.

More pictures are available, if you wish I can take pictures of specific areas if required.

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