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Douglas 80+ ’51 basket case, every part possible renewed with mostly new original spares

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Seller: Private
  • Manufacturer: Douglas Motorcycles
  • Model: Eighty Plus (Or is it Plus Eighty?)
  • Engine: 350cc flat twin
  • Year: 1951
  • Listed: June 19, 2015 9:17 pm

Owned for over 50 years. Financial problems force the sale of some of my collection. Price subject to Or Near Offer.
Completely dismantled upon purchase,every single part scrutinized and the search for every replacement started. Original new spares were reasonably obtainable in those days.
A replacement crankshaft was found,make unknown,but it could be one of many makes including “CFS”-Cyril F.Smith,last of the Norton World sidecar champs. The very large bronze bush retaining the rear main bearing was also obtained. All bearings are British bronze cage R&M & Hoffmann,also a Timken headrace.
New parts:- +20 pistons,high capacity oil pump,KE valves,black cast iron valve guides,springs,clutch plate & many other clutch parts,lots of gearbox parts & sprocket assembly,Renold rear chain,brakes relined with hard linings,brake reaction linkages/brake cams parts rebushed,hub parts,speedo,cable & drive gearbox,tyres,tubes & tapes,Amal original carbs,taps & pipes,bronze bushes,felt & rubber seals,many bronze bushes,drain plugs and so on. The hydraulic damping parts in the front forks & the rear fork pivot pins have been replaced. The alloy centre stand is little used,but I had a little weld put on the stop position so that the stop position could be accurately set. Its spring is new.
ALL nuts,bolts,washers,(turned & chamfered type) pins,screws,grease nipples(old type),Woodruff keys & lock-washers(a Douglas speciality) replaced. Heads shot-blasted & VHT sprayed,valve seats refaced,one small chipped fin replaced.
Magdyno overhauled. Choose between a 6volt Lucas CVC (rebuilt and the Lucas destabilizing problem cured)or a modern 12volt electronic control.
Exhaust pipes are new stainless. Retaining clamps are alloy 2-piece secured with a single Allen screw. Silencers are Burgess. They are a bit scratched an a little dented, but a good sheet metal worker could cut the ends off,roll out the dents and weld scratches, repack them and weld it all back together. Not cheap, bur Douglas Burgess’s are rare. Ordinary ones are available.
The alloy rocker covers had a few cracks from falling over,but they have been welded.
The rear mudguard is notoriously weak,so I brazed a central steel strip along the weak part and a steel plate for the seat mounting. The mudguard is a bit bumpy in places,but sound. Nothing on the bike has more than a few splatterings of rust.
Non-original parts are a BSA faired-in rear number plate(which blends in perfectly)a Lucas 525 rear lamp, and a dual seat. The cushion in the latter has rotted, but is not a difficult job for a good sofa cushion restorer to make one.
Included is new Lucas wiring to make a wiring loom, eyelets,Lucas cable joiners(including red ones to match the red wire positive earth system)etc,etc. Switch & ammeter are as new.
I even had some cellulose paint made up to match the un-faded colour inside a tool box.
No effort has been spared to gather together a set of new or perfect parts. This must be the best Douglas kit form ever offered. When the 3 “Ps” – painting, plating & polishing have been completed, it would look beautiful AND be reliable. I have heard from friends with Douglas’s about buying pretty Plus’s,but found hideous problems inside.
Douglas are often criticized for various supposed failings,but who else had a rear swinging fork in 1946? Who had a front fork with near 7 inches movement and leading links? Who had a 9″ front brake with a floating brake plate? And a flat twin for smoothness?
And a twin loop frame long before Norton & BSA?
Perhaps the mistake was to keep to 350cc, even though
the Plus’s made 27bhp or more,& 30bhp with little improvement.
Many more photos available. Whole bike view? Look on the Internet for a picture-it will be exactly the same as mine.
Ralph Perry. Tel: 020 86690503.
email: rudgeit38@gmail.com.

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