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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Seller: Private
  • Manufacturer: Morini
  • Model: 350 sport
  • Engine: 350
  • Year: 1975
  • Listed: August 16, 2019 11:31 am

very rare bike and a very nice bike indeed.
1975 Moto Morini 3 1/2 Sport
Video here…. https://youtu.be/5GSAwfLwiXs
Straight forward, simple and yet, sheer genius, the Morini 3 ½ still enjoys a massive appeal and growing cult status today
Here is a video of a similar bike to wet your appetite!

On paper there is little to attract all but the die hard 70’s Italian bike fan, in use however this Morini is one of the all time greats from that decade.


Ok, the dials that make up the speedo and tacho readout have a wayward attitude to accuracy and the cycle parts do look unfeasibly weedy, but this is one of the best handling machines of all time, not just better than the plasticine framed Japanese bikes of the period, that would be an easy task, no, this machine handles as well as anyone could wish for. Any adjective that can be applied to a sharp and accurate machine can be used in the same sentence as the Morini 3 ½. In the beginning there was the GT or Strada, much like the original prototype shown in 1971, the Sport was a direct development of this model and was launched the year after the Strada in 1974. With 4bhp more on tap, thanks to a raise in compression and a sportier cam design, the Sport soon became the top dog, although those in the know still rank the Strada as it performs in a manner close to its sibling, but with a much more relaxed approach. The 350cc capacity was initially chosen due to heavy taxes in Italy for machines over this size, this made the machine a natural choice for any Italian looking to buy a middleweight as it wore a price tag equivalent or cheaper than many similar oriental designs, however by the time the marque reached the UK the price tag had grown beyond the reasonable and actually cost around £350 more than a Yamaha RD350. The finish and overall technology used in the Morini looked dated alongside the Japanese products so when the dodgy electrics and high price tag were all added together there was few real takers for this Latin lovely. In modern times demand for the breed is strong and thankfully supplies of parts and knowledge plentiful, making running a 3½ a real joy. All of the failing found in the original design have been addressed and cheaply available cures can be applied, the original leaky metal inlet manifolds can be interchanged with later rubber versions while the feeble headlight is a straight swap for a modern halogen one making night use a real possibility.

Morini 3 1/2When first giving life to this air-cooled v-twin, via the kick-start once the left hand peg has been folded up and out of the way, one could be mistaken for thinking that something is definitely wrong. Needing full choke when all but steaming hot, the engine is lumpier than daddy bears custard; this soon diminishes to reveal a revvy and keen engine. In its day the diminutive Italian lovely was capable of keeping all of the Japanese two strokes at bay, not least because of the handling and also the engines ability to maintain speed. There isn’t a power band to drop out of and the well-chosen gear ratios in the six-speed box keeps the lithe machine on the boil and heading for fun.

With its maximum torque and power sitting fairly close to each other the engine has a wide sweet spot between 6000 and 8500rpm, keep the revs there, no need to check the tacho, the engine tells you when and the tiny Morini will keep going all day particularly in the 70-80 mph speed range that, when you sit and think about it, is most likely the place you spend the most time in. for those used to thirsty two strokes the fuel consumption of the Morini came as something of a revelation, often yielding figures around the 80mpg mark even at speed.

Morini 350 SportThe engine is relatively simple to maintain and yet the performance it puts out is nothing less than impressive, there is seldom a need to glance at the speedo, or tacho for that matter, as the whole bike literally talks to the rider. As the revs harden you can be sure it is time to throw another gear into the equation while in the chassis department the suspension seems to react to the road and speed like it is being adjusted mid ride, which of course it isn’t. if the Morini in its original form has a fault it can only be the dodgy electrics and rapidly fading drum brake up front. The huge diameter, twin drum-brake looks sexy, but is not as effective in any way shape or form when compared to the post 77 disc braked model. When buying look for Strada models that have been converted to look like the more coveted Sport model, while this isn’t a problem ride and usability wise the cost difference between the real deal and an imposter is sizeable so worth the effort. Without taking the engine apart, the external differences are few, not made any easier as the factory used the same frame pre fix for both models, a real tell tal

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